NFC Encoder Command Line

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software can be used via the command line to encode NFC tags. This powerful feature allows external applications to integrate with the NFC Encoder software to add NFC tag encoding functionality to their application. NFC tags are encoded one at a time. The data to encode onto the NFC tag is passed to the NFC Encoder software via the command line, the NFC tag is encoded and a results file is written for the external application to process. Command line operations are billed the same as UI based operations.

Command Line Arguments

General Arguments
returnFileThe path to the file that will be written with the operation result. This can be used by external applications to determine if the operation was successful. “OK” is written is successful, “Error” is written if not successful. Not required.–returnFile “my_return_file.txt”
resultFileThe path to the result file. If the operation is at all successful, this file will be written with the results. The data is formatted in JSON. Not required.–resultFile “my_results_file.txt”
nfcReaderThe name of the NFC reader to use. Only used if multiple NFC readers are connected. If a value is not supplied, the first NFC reader detected on the computer will be used. Not required.–nfcReader “ACS ACR122 0”
NFC Tag Encoding
recordsJSON formatted records to encode. The GoToTags Windows NFC App can be used to generate the proper JSON. Note that the quotes in the JSON are single-quotes (‘) and not double-quotes (“). Required if encoding NFC tags.–records “{‘Url’:’’,’RecordType’:’Website’}”
dataXGeneric pass-through arguments used to pass through data values from the external application, through the NFC Encoder software and back to the external application. 10 parameters are available (data1, data2, …, data10). Not required.
–data1 “apple” –data2 “bear”
readOnlyWhether or not to make the NFC tags permanently read-only. Not required. Default is false.–readOnly true
recordReplacementWhether or not to enable dynamic record replacement. Not required. Default is true.–recordReplacement false
Command Line Examples
Encode a Website Record to the NFC Tag

GoToTags.Encoder.exe --records {'Url':'','RecordType':'Website'}

Encode an NFC Tag as Read-Only

GoToTags.Encoder.exe --records {'Url':'','RecordType':'Website'} --readOnly true

Encode a Text Record and Android Application to the NFC Tag

GoToTags.Encoder.exe --records [{'Url':'','RecordType':'Website'},{'Package':'com.wirelesssensortechnologies.gototags','RecordType':'AAR'}]