NFC Encoder Correlated Tag Encoding

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software supports multiple tag selection modes which determine the process for which NFC tag will be encoded next. Correlated NFC tag encoding is when a visual (printed) element on the NFC tag must match the data that is encoded on the tag. Concert passes, business cards and printed NFC inlays often have an ID, barcode, name and/or image printed on the NFC tag to visually identify the tag. In these situations it is critical that the encoding on the NFC tag matches and is correlated to the printed element.

While it technically is possible to do correlated encoding projects with sequential encoding by keeping the physical NFC tags in the correct order that matches the order defined in the NFC tag encoding file; we highly recommend to not do this as it is very error prone. If just one tag is out of place then all tags encoded after that tag will not be encoded correctly.

Tag Lookup Configuration

The NFC Encoder software is designed to handle correlated NFC tag encoding projects by allowing for non-sequential look-up based tag selection. Unlike with sequential NFC tag encoding, the order the NFC tags are encoded jumps around based on the order of the physical tags. To support this the NFC Encoder allows the encoding operator to look-up the next NFC tag to encode based on one of the tag’s fields.

To configure the NFC Encoder software for lookup:

  1. Disable the “Auto Select Next Tag” configuration option; this prevents the next sequential tag from automatically being selected after an NFC tag is encoded
  2. Choose the appropriate look-up property that the look-up function will look-up by. We recommend to use the Identify data field; Number and Records Text are also available
  3. Configure the case-sensitivity of the lookup

Tag Lookup Workflow

The NFC Encoder has three different ways to look-up an NFC tag when doing correlated NFC tag encoding:

  • Clicking Row in Grid
  • Look-up Value Search
  • Barcode Scanner Look-Up
Clicking Row in Grid

For small encoding projects the NFC tag can be easily looked-up by visually finding it in the grid. When the encoding operation is running, clicking a row in the tag grid will select the next NFC tag to be encoded. This is useful for small encoding operations where it is easy to find the tag in the grid without having to scroll through pages of tags in the grid.

Look-up Value Search

For larger encoding operations a tag can be looked-up via the look-up search box. When the encoding operation is running, type the data to be looked-up into the look-up search box and press ‘Enter’. If an NFC tag is found it will be selected and set as the next tag to encode, if a tag is not found a warning will be displayed. The case-sensitive tag look-up configuration option applies to this function.