NFC Encoder NFC Tag Encoding

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software is a commercial NFC tag encoding system designed to encode variable NDEF records onto NFC tags in large quantities.

  • Import NFC tag encoding data via an Excel or XML file
  • Encode complex NDEF records
  • Optionally lock the NFC chip to make it permanently read-only
  • Validate NFC tag encoding data
  • Dynamically replace record data at encoding time (UID)
  • Sequential NFC tag encoding
  • Correlated NFC tag encoding via text lookup and/or barcode scanners
  • Support for encoding operator notes
  • Mark an NFC tag as ‘Bad’
  • Records telemetry (duration, speed..) of an encoding session
  • Export the full encoding results to an Excel or XML file
  • Integrate with other external applications via command line operations


While the NFC Encoder has a variety of configuration options, the basic workflow of NFC tag encoding is the same and straightforward.

  1. Ensure the computer you will be using meets the system requirements
  2. Download and install the NFC Encoder software on the computer
  3. Ensure a supported NFC reader is connected to the computer with the latest drivers installed
  4. Create an NFC tags encoding file for the project
  5. Open the NFC Encoder software
  6. Import the NFC tags encoding file
  7. Validate the encoding data; the software will do some validation but its best to perform a full validation
  8. Choose the appropriate operation method; sequential or correlated NFC tag encoding
  9. Choose the NFC reader type; PC/SC for manual encoding and Direct for high-speed encoding
  10. When reader; click the “Start Encoding” toolbar button
  11. Each time an NFC tag is presented to the NFC reader it is encoded with the currently selected NFC tag row
  12. The encoding operation can be paused at anytime if needed by clicking the “Pause Encoding” toolbar button; when paused the current state of the encoding operation can be saved to a file
  13. When all of the NFC tags have been encoded the encoding operation is stopped. The operation can also be stopped at any time by clicking the “Stop Encoding” toolbar button. Once stopped the encoding operation can not be resumed; it must be restarted.
  14. The Encoded NFC Tags file can be saved and viewed
  15. The encoding operation can either be restarted to re-encode the NFC tags with the same encoding data, or reset to star from a blank state.

Dynamic Record Replacement

The NFC Encoder software can dynamically replace certain keys in the encoding records with values that are only known at the time of encoding. A primary example of this is encoding a website record with a url that includes the NFC chip’s UID; this is often used for NFC tag marketing platforms. This setting can be enabled/disabled in the application settings. To use this feature, in the encoding file put the key in the place you want the replacement value to be.

KeyDescriptionExample: EncodingExample: Encoded
{{uid}}The NFC chip’s unique id.{{uid}}

Data Validation

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software and NFC Tag Encoding File provide basic validation of the encoding data. This validation includes required fields, data types, data length for an NFC chip and some contextual data field validation.

For example, the website records url field is validated to be a url as defined by the url spec. However the software is unable to validate if the data is accurate or not; only the end-customer can. For example, the url will be considered valid which is likely not what is intended.

You are ultimately fully responsible for verifying the encoding data. Make sure you perform thorough testing before you make NFC tags read-only and/or deploy NFC tags!