The Android Application Record (AAR) is a special type of NDEF record that is used by Google’s Android operating system to signify to an NFC phone that an explicitly defined Android Application should be used to handle an NFC tag; this is called the Tag Dispatch System. Often times an Android App record will be added as the 2nd NDEF record in the NDEF message. This is useful to developers when they want to ensure their application is the application that will handle the NFC tag.

Record Data

The GoToTags NFC software represents Android Application records with the following attributes.

PackageYesThe package name of the Android App in Google Playcom.pandora.android



NFC Encoder Software

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software can encode Android Application records onto NFC tags by providing the encoding data on the “Custom Tags” worksheet in the NFC tags encoding file. Enter the full JSON representation of the record in the “Records” column.

Windows App

The GoToTags Windows App can easily create Android Application records.


The Android Application record is a specific record type for Android. When an NFC enabled Android device reads an NFC tag with an Android Application record on it, the following logic occurs:

  1. If the Android App defined in the AAR record is installed on the phone, then that application is opened and the NFC tag data is sent to that application via an Android Intent.
  2. If the application is NOT installed on the phone, then the Google Play store app is opened to the application with the intention that the user should download the application.

Android’s NFC system is quite powerful and complex; view the Android NFC documentation for more information.