A Mime Type record is an NDEF record that represents data that contextualized by a content-type. This record type is often used by mobile applications to store application-specific data.

Record Data

The GoToTags NFC software represents MimeType records with the following attributes. The GoToTags NFC software can create a mime type record with the content type and either the ASCII or hex representation of the payload.

MimeTypeYesThe content type of the payload.text/plain
PayloadASCIINoThe ASCII string representation of the payload.This is plain text.
PayloadHexNoThe string hexadecimal representation of the payload.58AB69
[{"MimeType":"text/plain","PayloadASCII":"This is plain text.","RecordType":"MimeType"}]

NFC Encoder Software

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software can encode MimeType records onto NFC tags by providing the encoding data on the “MimeType Tags” worksheet in the NFC tags encoding file.

Windows App

The GoToTags Windows App can easily create MimeType records.


Common mime types (html, text…) are supported by NFC enabled operating systems. However while there is a standardized list of content types (images…), currently mobile device OSs do not handle them well.