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A Plain Text record is an NDEF record that is used to store plain text on an NFC tag. There are two primary use cases for this record type:

  • To display plain text on the device
  • To store a unique id on the NFC tag to be used by a custom application. Note a mime type record might be better suited for this use case.

Record Data

The GoToTags NFC software represents Plain Text records with the following attributes.

TextYesThe text to encode.This is text!
LanguageCodeNoThe default LanguageCode is English; leave blank unless you have a specific reason not to.Domain Value
EncodingTypeNoThe default EncodingType is UTF8; leave this blank unless you have a specific reason not to.Domain Value
[{"Text":"This is plain text!","RecordType":"Text"}]

[{"LanguageCode":"English","Text":"This is plain text!","EncodingType":"UTF8","RecordType":"Text"}]

NFC Encoder Software

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software can encode Plain Text records onto NFC tags by providing the encoding data on the “Text Tags” worksheet in the NFC tags encoding file.

Windows App


The plain text record type is supported by most NFC enabled operating systems, although the default behavior is not that exciting.