A Website Record is an NDEF record used to open a url in a web browser on the device that is touching the NFC tag. Website records are the most common record type used. The urls of website records can contain unique parameters which the server can use to provide a dynamic response based on the parameter. The server’s response content type will determine what the browser will do; it could display a website, show an image, download a file, redirect to another website or any other standard HTTP response.

Record Data

The GoToTags NFC software represents Website records with the following attributes.

UrlYesDefines the url that the device should open in a browser. Must be a valid url and start with http:// or https://.http://gototags.com
TitleNoAn optional name for the url. If provided the tag will be encoded as a Smart Poster.GoToTags Website
LanguageCodeNoThe default LanguageCode is English; leave blank unless you have a specific reason not to.Domain Value
EncodingTypeNoThe default EncodingType is UTF8; leave this blank unless you have a specific reason not to.Domain Value

[{"Title":"GoToTags Website","Url":"http://gototags.com","RecordType":"Website"}]

[{"Title":"GoToTags Website","LanguageCode":"English","EncodingType":"UTF8","Url":"http://gototags.com","RecordType":"Website"}]

NFC Encoder Software

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software can encode Website records onto NFC tags by providing the encoding data on the “Website Tags” worksheet in the NFC tags encoding file.

Windows App

The GoToTags Windows App can easily create Website records.


The website record type is supported by all NFC enabled operating systems. It’s default behavior is to open the url in a browser. Many systems will open a new browser tab each time the NFC tag is touched which can result in many browser tabs open at once.