Windows App Keyboard Emulation

The GoToTags Windows App can emulate keyboard input to read data from an NFC tag and input it into an external application. When an NFC tag is placed on the NFC reader the data from the NFC tag is read and then the data is sent to the external application as if the user typed the data on the keyboard. This allows for powerful integrations to be built into Notepad, Excel for data collection and interaction. The data is sent to the external application via the SendKeys.Send method. The external application must be the active window with the cursor positioned in the input field where the data should be copied. A new line and/or tab character can be appended to the data to support multiple data input. Note this is technically different than an HID keyboard integration.

Options for Data to Auto Paste
  • UID: The UID of the NFC chip
  • Records Text: The human readable text version of the NDEF record data on the NFC tag
  • Records Data: A JSON representation of the all the data on the NFC chip and NDEF record