Windows App NFC NDEF Records

The GoToTags Windows App makes it easy to create and edit NDEF records. Each record type has it’s own data fields and validation rules. An error message is displayed if the record data is not valid. An existing record can be editing by either double-clicking the record text in the main window or by right-clicking the record and choosing “Edit Record”. Multiple records can be added at a time, although usually only the 1st records is used by NFC software.

Looking for more information about all the possible NDEF record types?

View NDEF Records

The GoToTags Windows App reads the NDEF records from the NFC tag and displays them in the main NFC window. Records can be managed by right-clicking in the main window.

File Operations

The GoToTags Windows App can save the current NDEF records to a file (*.nfc) and subsequentley open a records file. This allows you to save your work and to share the records via email.