Windows App NFC Tag Operations

Encode NFC Tags

The GoToTags Windows App allows you to encode NDEF records to NFC tags. To do this, you first create the records in the main window by adding records, then once you have the records the way you want click the “Encode NFC Tags” button in the toolbar. Touch and hold a writable NFC tag to the attached NFC reader to encode the NFC tag with the record data. You can optionally permanently lock the NFC tag. If the NFC tag is not already NDEF formatted; it will first be formatted before the records are written.

The Windows App is not designed to encode large quantities of NFC tags. For that we suggest using the GoToTags NFC Encoder software.

NDEF Format NFC Tags

The GoToTags Windows App can NDEF format an NFC tag; this prepares the NFC tag to accept NDEF records. NDEF formatting is a permament one-time operation. Only tags that are writable (not read-only) can be NDEF formatted. Some NFC phones can only read NDEF formatted NFC tags. This is common with Windows Phones and most NFC phones that use Broadcom NFC chip sets. Most modern NFC chips such as the NXP NTAG series come pre-NDEF formatted from the factory.

Erase NFC Tags

The GoToTags Windows App can erase the contents of the NFC tag. Only tags that are writable (not read-only) can be erased. Erasing an NFC tag does not un-format or unlock the NFC tag; those are permanent operations.